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About Legacy Floral Studio

Legacy Floral Studio is a unique floral boutique. Our footprint is in Pearl River County, MS. It started with a single corsage. Every year the orders for our unique corsage work have grown. It is one of the things we enjoy designing the most. We love our clients like to stop by with their dresses for us to produce a custom corsage, boutonniere or garter. We usually design with crystal flowers so the items stay just as beautiful as the day of prom. We have recently added a fresh flower cooler so we can become even more diversified. We offer both fresh and silk flowers to our couples.

We are proud to offer couture wedding florals. We design flowers in a way that is both unique and exclusive. We study trends, venues, colors, and styles. We encourage you to come to your appointment with Pinterest pins, budget, and your unique style.

Funeral work is often thought of as depressing. Our funeral work usually has something in it that makes it uniquely touching for the family and friends. We do all kinds of floral designs. However, none of them touch us more than the work we do for a funeral.

Legacy Floral Studio is owned and operated by Linda Largent Whitfield. She is a native Texan but she has lived in Mississippi for approximately 9 years. She stated, “I never thought I would find myself living somewhere besides Texas (Texans are a proud bunch). My husband and I had a long-distance relationship for about 3 years. He was the owner of C&H Pest Control, Inc. and he needed to be near his company. We moved to Mississippi and we couldn’t have made a better choice. Home is truly where the heart is. “

We are called a studio because we don’t sell anything else but flowers We work out of our studio at 318 W. Sycamore Road in Picayune. We are a busy team and we don’t keep “regular” flower shop hours. We are in and out a lot. This style of business keeps us able to pay special attention to each and every order we take. If you need to order something, please give us a call and we can be there very shortly afterward. This style makes us able to keep our prices down but our quality up.

We do not have gift items for sale, but if you would like to have a gift professionally wrapped, we would love to wrap it for you. If Christmas wrapping is overwhelming, call us and set up a time for you to bring us your gifts and we’ll wrap in beautiful, premium paper with a gorgeous bow. We will decorate your home for holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Our services allow you to enjoy the holidays, instead of stressing through the holidays.

We also offer out services to grave sites. Many times loved ones live out of town and can’t put flowers on their loved one’s grave. We will make flowers and deliver them to the grave. Not only that, if the headstone needs cleaning or the grave site needs care, we will do that for you.

Thank you for entrusting Legacy Floral Studio to do work for you!

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